Approximately 90% of attempted instructions from lawyers are rejected on this site for failure of compliance with Civil and Criminal Procedure Rules and failure to instruct experts properly.

This is not an advertisement seeking instructions, as the probability of acceptance is very low. We do not compromise on standards.

For instructions that would meet the relevant standards, live and virtual meetings can be arranged.

There are separate strict conditions for live meetings that will be shared prior to setting up a meeting.

For a discussion about your investigatory need with an expert, please call the number below, mindful of all conditions of the call stated below.

Psychiatric Investigator:  07017-412312 (premium rate number -charges vary depending on call provider)

Conditions of telephone contact:

  1. Calls can cost  up to £0.50/min (Sterling) i.e. 50p/min. This is necessary to deter time-wasters and crank callers. The caller is responsible for liability for any call charges incurred.
  2. You state your full first and last name and you state a UK landline or mobile number, if we need to call you back.
  3. Before you call do have clear in your mind the key issues you wish to have addressed. Those should be stated first, before any background information is given.
  4. Your confidentiality is assured. Calls are recorded by an automated process that cannot be switched off, once we pick up the call. Do not ask for call-recording to be switched off. Avoid referring to names of clients, as that’s not usually important in such a call. Focus on issues.
  5. If there is sufficient substance to your case, emerging in the first 5 min, an offer will be made to call you on your UK landline or UK mobile phone. If not the conversation will continue as long as you decide to pay for the call. That conversation will also be recorded. Yes – we like recording because it adds accountability and accuracy.
  6. We do not provide counselling, advice or guidance on the phone.
  7. Serious: persons who are thought to be at serious acute risk to themselves or others, that is not containable or manageable for foreseeable adverse outcome, place a legal burden on us to report such risk to the police. In the event that you give a fake UK landline or mobile number, our system records enough digits from your phone number for the police assisted by our provider, to find you.